The REELPeople Company

Much more than a casting company, The REEL People Company ® researches, locates, screens, and interviews real people,

What our clients are saying...

Testimonial Advertising

Casting to Production

Give our team of professionals your casting specifications, the demographic details, and REELPeople ® will FIND THEM!

  • Our recruit team will handpick your "consumer candidates" to match your casting specifications/demographic details. Any Age, Gender, Location, Occupation, Ethnicity and more!
  • The extensive REAL PEOPLE network developed over 15 years gives us the ability to jump in and find exactly who you are looking for, in whatever CITY you need to find them in!
  • REELPeople ® will develop comprehensive proposals that ensure success. As a member of the creative team- REELPeople ® guides our clients “step by step” through the testimonial process-navigating the many challenges and requirements that go into conducting a proper “Real People” campaign and always adhering to the strict guidelines that govern Testimonial advertising.

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Consumer Insights

Qualitative Market Research

REELPeople ® specializes in developing IN DEPTH CONSUMER INSIGHTS projects to help you better understand your consumer.

  • IDIs (In Depth Interviews)
  • Focus Groups
  • Ethnographies

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Real People, Reel Stories ®


A number of our REELPeople ® clients have gained a new client or sold a campaign concept with our "Day in The Life" docu-videos.

  • A new twist on the “ethnography” concept. REELPeople ® spends a “Day in the Life” of various real people consumers to film how they LIVE with the client’s brand/product/service.
  • Complete turnkey service from start to finish.
  • Quick recruitment of the ideal candidates.
  • Fully planned, produced and edited mini documentaries of your client’s real consumer.

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