The REELPeople Company

Much more than a casting company, The REEL People Company ® researches, locates, screens, and interviews real people,

Client Testimonials

Here's what our clients are saying about The REELPeople Company ®

Monte Mathews, Creative Director Emeritus Gotham Inc. New York City, NY
"Hands down the best Real People Recruiter, Interviewer and all round great Creative partner, Kristi excels because she cares. She takes on every Creative challenge she's handed and handles each one individually. There's no limit to her enthusiasm and there's no end to her smarts. On top of all that, she's terrific fun to work with. I could not recommend anyone more highly than Ms. Comuzzi."
Mike Knowles, VP Account Director Nestle Beverage and Nutrition Divisions - Publicis North America
“I know Kristi very well, and if you want a high energy person driven to uncover consumer insights in her own unique way then you can’t go wrong. Need to find real consumers for testimonial advertising? Kristi has been doing it for Fortune 500 companies for many years. If you need “REAL” people, talk to Kristi. NOW!
Paul LaBlanc, Director Time Inc., Principal Group Campaign
"Kristi is everything you could want as a team partner-professional, smart, organized and unflappable, not to mention...ALOT of fun to work with! When a crisis arose, Kristi met the challenge incredibly quickly-doing in hours what for mere mortals takes days or weeks. Just a great experience!
Amy Lo, Executive Producer Johnson & Johnson, MasterClass Campaign for OWN
"On a creatively ambitious series of short films, Kristi was truly resourceful in mining talent and finding just the right “real consumer” cast to share their incredible true stories on camera. Under tremendous time pressure, she found a wonderful, diverse set of people who really reflected contemporary America."
Barbara Michelson, Director of Television Production DeVito Verdi, New York
"We had a project for a PSA-type client, which required an unusual cross country search and had a very short turnaround. When we approached Kristi, she was enthusiastic from the get-go; she rallied her team, and got genuinely excited when she made the connections we needed. She made it fun, and delivered results in record time, on budget. We loved working with her, and would do it again in a New York minute."
Monna O'Brien, Senior Partner, Executive Producer Ogilvy & Mather, Chicago
"Thank you for the terrific job on Dove Deodorant. As a producer, I appreciated your ability to work with our changing schedule-keeping us on track and focused. REELPeople found an interesting pool of people and Kristi conducted on set interviews that got precisely to the insights we were looking for. Thank you for making our project such a success and so much fun!"
Ken Kitch, Senior Producer Hill Holliday, New York
"As an agency producer, I rely heavily on the Production Company that we hire to help execute the creative. Kristi Comuzzi and ReelPeople are top notch! I guess that's why we keep hiring them."
Mark Denesuk, President - CEO COMMERCEHOUSE
"REELPeople has worked with our agency from uncovering important consumer insights to navigating the prep and production challenges of a testimonial campaign. REELPeople was a true partner every step of the way. They made the work better than it would have otherwise been!"
George Tannenbaum, Senior Partner, GCD Ogilvy, New York
"REELPeople found us the talent we needed and then helped us get the spots we wanted. There are always a million things to worry about when you're shooting, most of which you have no control over, but I never worried about REELPeople!"
Chris Kampf, Senior VP Account Director Hill Holliday, New York
"In the intensely competitive wireless category, REELPeople has helped to provide Verizon Wireless with a strong point of differentiation. Kristi and her team religiously and tirelessly demonstrated their knowledge of our business and time and again reap the EXACT information needed to make our advertising its very best! Thank you!"