The REELPeople Company

Much more than a casting company, The REEL People Company ® researches, locates, screens, and interviews real people,

About The REEL People Company ®

KRISTI COMUZZI - Creative Director / Interviewer / Dialogue Director

KRISTI COMUZZI, Owner and Creative Director of The REELPeople Company ®, LLC is a veteran of the advertising/marketing biz. She spent a number of years on Madison Avenue at Young & Rubicam managing and creating advertising for Kraft, Warner Lambert, PBS, Advil, and AT&T International. She moved into other areas of the advertising business working with a "Creative Think Tank" in New Product Ideation and Brainstorming, then as an Executive Producer in Commercial Production/Casting, and as a Moderator for Qualitative Research, specializing in "In Depth Interviews."

For over a decade, she has been the President and Creative Director for The REELPeople Company ®, and REALPeople REELStories ®, which specializes in Real People Casting, Consumer Insights Marketing and Testimonial Advertising. In a recent interview, she described her business ..."as a sort of hybrid of all the things I love about advertising... From my days at Young & Rubicam - I was one of the few folks who really LOVED going to focus groups and gaining first hand "insights" into my client's consumer - so that we could truly help our client create meaningful, powerful messages... Later, my experience in developing and introducing new products was such a "kick" - to see my ideas come to life in an actual product - ... And then finally, all the pieces coming together, culminating in the commercial. The process of making an idea come to life - the pace, the energy, the coordination - all the little details that come together to make a successful campaign. By the way - I loved summer camp as a kid... Intense, brief episodes with creative, fun people - much like the work I do now - it always leaves you wanting to go back for more!"


REELPeople works with a great team of folks and has real people recruiters across the United States.

Susan Avants, is our "Go to Gal" for leading the recruit. Ms. Avants has been in the real people recruiting and market research business for over 20 years and has successfully recruited some of the best "non professional talent" in over 1000 commercial productions. She is unsurpassed in her ability to wrangle real people for "Man on the Street" productions - a "true marvel with the ability to talk with and engage absolutely anyone" according to our very happy clients!

THE RECRUIT PROCESS - "How do they find those great Real People?"

Of course every Real People project is different and unique. Once we are contacted about a project, we spend a great deal of time working with the Agency Team in order to develop a customized, comprehensive, thorough proposal with a project design that best addresses their creative, budgetary, scheduling needs.

Once awarded a project, the Real People Recruit team begins the recruit process - recruiting the actual consumers who fit the client's casting specifications to a "T." REELPeople excels at the "Hand picked / Hand selected recruit," as opposed to recruiting from an outdated impersonal database. Time and again, we have been able to keep costs down and expectations high by recruiting with this method - it increases quality without the waste of time and money on sheer quantity.


The REELPeople proprietary network of real people has been developed and maintained for well over a decade. Having worked on a wide variety of projects throughout the years, REELPeople has developed extensive real people recruiting networks in most major cities across the U.S. Given the nature of many real people projects - where we have been asked to find not just real people who use a particular product / service, but to find real people who have unique or interesting attributes, abilities, hobbies, skills / career we have amassed quite a pool of VERY interesting real people! We have found Mom's of "multiples," Women with unusual careers, Teens who excel in sports, music, drama, Unique Small businesses and their owners, People who look like their pets, Active seniors doing Extreme sports, Female Bee Keepers, Lady Lion Tamers... And so much more!